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Anuci Press Update and Indie Support

   The first two Anuci Press books are out in the world, and the third will be released on February 24th. Smile So Red and Other Tales of Madness by Mia Dalia, and Beach Vibes by Madison McSweeney are available now on this site, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and select bookstores. The Seven Deaths of Prince Vlad will be released 2/24 and is available for preorder now on this site, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. The next round of Anuci Press releases is coming in May with books by Stacey L. Pierson, J.D. Buffington, and Patrick Moody. Those can be preordered now through aforementioned outlets.

   One thing I would like to ask of readers of these books is this: please leave reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, or wherever you wish to place one. Every review, no matter how brief, helps these writers. The more attention drawn to them by you, the more larger distributors pay attention. This helps their careers. I got into this business for that purpose. Writers have helped enrich my life for decades, and I wanted to give back and help them.

   Also, whenever in a bookstore, feel free to ask about the Anuci Press releases. This could encourage more bookstores to carry these books. Remember, without indie writers and indie publishers, the gatekeepers at the major publishing houses will determine what you can read. The indie world is a place of freedom of thought and ideas. It is a place where every voice can be heard, especially non-mainstream voices. It is a place where we can find some of the most interesting writing today. I am here to do all I can to get those voices out into the world. Feel free to join me.

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